Our Team

We are a flexible team of employees and associates based across the UK, who bring with us a rich and diverse background. We are Chartered Psychologists, Business Psychologists, Training Consultants, Professional Workplace Coaches and experienced Assessors.

What we all have in common is:

  • A work-focused, professional background.
  • A belief in the strengths based approach.

We offer regular CPD and supervision within the company, taking turns to share specific expertise and experience.

We are trained in professional coaching skills using our own in house programmes and the Institute of Leadership and Management Level 5 programme.

We believe that working with adults requires a radically different approach from the class room.  Our coaches, trainers and assessors work in a flexible, performance-based and client led style.  We use facilitated peer mentoring groups to create a legacy of self support for our clients.  We believe that self-generated strategies and independence are the markers of a successful programme.

This map shows all of our associates and staff, plotted around the UK.

Map for Website