Everyone is a genius

Any dictionary will define the word “genius” as an exceptionally intelligent person or one with exceptional skill in a particular area.
But everyone is good at something, no matter how big or small. To exist, co-habit, socialise and work is the mark of a genius in itself. To get out of bed, accomplish jobs around the house or shopping is all so easily taken for granted by so many people. But for the human brain to calculate all the things to just get through a day is incredibly impressive.
However once someone feels they lack an ability it will have a large effect on many things. Concentration, confidence, sleep and even health can become victims of these concerns. Subsequently there can also be a feeling of inadequacy, which many feel goes against the definition of Genius.

If someone dreams of playing football but doesn’t have the full talent it just means they are not very good at football. It doesn’t mean they are no good at ANY sport, or for that matter, anything at all! Anything that is different from what people perceive as “normal” will always make a person feel inferior.

Many people with a neurodiverse thinking style and those who experience a cognitive difficulty do continue to flourish in life and their chosen careers.
I have been surprised to learn how many famous personalities hide ‘their condition’ – for fear of others thinking that there is something ‘wrong with them’ or even ‘treating them differently’ and some hide it even because they fear retribution/discrimination from others!

With the correct approach and understanding your genius can be found!