How to get help from Access to Work for dyslexia, dyspraxia and ADHD

Access to Work are part of the DWP (Government Department for Work and Pensions). Their role is to prevent people with disabilities from being unemployed.

If you are struggling with dyslexia, dyspraxia and ADHD and it is affecting your work, you can call them for help. They can make recommendations straight away on the phone, and point you in the right direction.  Usually, however, they send a Work Based Assessor to see you at work.  The job of the Work Based Assessor is to work out which support options would make a difference to your work performance, and help you succeed in your job.  Support options can be software, technological aids, training, mediation or coaching.

The Work Based Assessor will write a report and send you three quotes for each support option.  In most cases, your employer has to pay for the support.  You will need to involve your manager from the start.  If you are self employed, it is possible that Access to Work will pay for your support.  But they are best placed to advise on this!  Call them on 0345 268 8489.

If you are not happy with the companies that the report recommends, you can chose your own.  Provided it is a company that Access to Work know to be reputable it is usually okay to switch.

Access to Work recommend and fund Genius in Training videos, as well as our coaching programmes.  You can mention it to your advisor and they will tell you how best to go about it.  Genius Within provide coaching through Access to Work nationally.  If you’re stuck please feel free to give us a buzz and we can talk you through the process.

Access to Work is a fantastic service, identified in a recent Government review as being great value for money for the British taxpayer.  The support that  is provided helps over 3000 dyslexics a year to:

  • improve your success at work
  • meet targets and deadlines
  • overcome difficulties with managers and team members
  • communicate with employers about what you need to do your job well
  • move forward in your career

Why not give them a call on 0345 268 8489 and see how they can help you.