Free Seminars on Managing Dyslexia in the Workplace for HR & Occ Health and Managers


15th October: Tackling stress through inclusive policy on ‘neuro-diversity’

We will cover:

  • The full range of neuro-diverse strengths and weaknesses – including creative thinking skills, innovation and visual thinking, as well as difficulties with time management, concentrating in open plan offices, tracking conversations
  • We will explore which contexts suit, and which contexts impede, neuro-diverse adults
  • We will examine the relationship between dyslexic difficulty, work performance and how this can lead to stress
  • We will identify the ways in which your organisation can provide support, signposting and organisational practices that will enable all neuro-diverse adults to work at their best, as a preventative early measure
  • We will recommend routes for resolution of existing problems where stress and poor productivity has already become entrenched

16th October: Neuro-diversity and the DDA 95/05 /Equality Act 2010

We will cover:

  • The definitions of and wording around disability, as outlined in the DDA and further clarified in the Equality Act 2010 Code of Practice, and how this relates to different neuro-diverse conditions
  • We will explore an employer’s obligations under the regulations and outline a stepped approach to dealing with individual cases, including the work based assessment process and Access to Work
  • We will review case studies of Employment Tribunals which involve neuro-diverse adults
  • We will outline a range of reasonable adjustments that can be made cost free and those which require the supply of technology or specialist support

17th October: Making the most of Assistive Technology

We will cover:

  • A range of common assistive software and hardware available to support neuro-diverse adults in the workplace – functions, costs, comparables
  • The importance of training and making sure we spend money on products that will actually be used
  • Making the most of everyday software – how MS Outlook and other standard programmes have feature and benefits which support neuro-diversity

About Us

These seminars are a joint venture by Genius Within and Hands Free Computing.  Genius Within is a company run by Occupational Psychologists who specialise in dyslexia and related conditions. We provide diagnostics, assessments, coaching, training, mediation and e-learning for this sector.  Hands Free Computing is a leading provider of Assistive Technology for Access to Work, the government funded body for supporting people with disabilities in the workplace.