Apprenticeship Levy FAQs

How much does it cost?

Costs vary depending on volume but range from £50 for phone or Skype coaching to £575 for a full diagnostic assessment. In our experience, a positive assessment, combined with regular coaching sessions is the most effective. Average cost per learner is approximately £900 in total (well within the £150 per month Learner Support Fund).

How do we support apprenticeship training providers?

We can up-skill your staff, by providing the following: screening tools,  initial assessments, very tidy paperwork evidence so reducing attrition rates dramatically.

How do we support employers of apprentices?

We are able to provide awareness training and information on reasonable adjustments that employers can make in order to make the apprenticeship experience successful for everybody.

How do we support apprentices?

Genius Within CIC can provide one-to-one or group strategy coaching covering topics such as time management, organisation, communication and memory which enable apprentices to remain on course and pass their endpoint assessment.