Manager Coaching FAQs

What happens in Manager Coaching

The manager and coach explore the condition of the employee, how it is presented in the workplace, the impact it has and explore and identify adjustments which can be offered.

Many of the strategies developed cost nothing, just a little time and small changes in procedures. It is a useful experience to simply talk to someone who understands their employee and can guide them to a mutually successful outcome.


Can the employee join in?

Manager Coaching is designed for mangers and gives them an opportunity to learn and practice new strategies in their own way.

If managers and their employee want to work together we recommend Co-coaching sessions.

Timing for these session we find works best at 90 minute slots and can be either face to face, phone or skype.

What is Manager Coaching?


Manager Coaching is a proactive way for managers to support all of their employees. It is especially useful when working with employees with a neurodiversity or health condition which affects them in the workplace.

Many employees are offered reasonable adjustments in the form of Workplace Strategy Coaching where they develop sustainable strategies for their neurodiverse condition.

Managers are often left out of this process and are not advised how they can support their employees.

At Genius Within we provide:

  • Co-Coaching – joint sessions for the employee and manager. Allowing mutual understanding to be developed regarding workplace targets and support. (See Co-Coaching FAQ)
  • Manager Coaching – provides managers with the space to explore how they can respond and adapt their practises to support current and future employees

We generally find 3 sessions of 90 minutes works really well with managers and these can be face to face, telephone or skype.


How does Manager Coaching work?

Many of our clients’ managers are unaware of how neurodiversity, mental health and many chronic health conditions affect their employees in the workplace, and the difficulties faced by those with:


  • Anxiety / Depression
  • Dyslexia
  • Tourettes
  • Autistic Spectrum Condition
  • ADHD
  • MS
  • Mild brain injury

Many employees are very aware of how stressed they are and how no one seems to be able to help. This can cause frustrations for managers and employees.

Manager Coaching provides new skills to mangers to be able to understand the condition in a little more detail and to explore their own strategies for working with such employees.  It allows managers to share and explore their concerns over the support they provide – and to get the balance of supporting not rescuing their employees.  Applying these strategies will have a positive and lasting impact on all of their employees.