Memory Genius FAQs

What is Memory Genius?

Memory Genius is a series of six 3-hour sessions delivered by psychologists and experienced workplace coaches at your location of choice.
This can however be extended to nine 3-hour sessions, if the organiser would like to include the ILM Level 2 Leadership and Team Skills Award or Certificate.
The Award requires a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 12 credits.
The Certificate requires a minimum of 13 and maximum of 36 credits. 

Both can be made up from a range of topics which cover:

• Different types of memory: long and short-term, working, visual, verbal and more
• Memory for spelling, words, instructions and numbers
• The impact of stress on memory and how to control stress responses
• The impact of memory on time management, organisation, learning and career development
• Understanding personal strengths and weaknesses
• Strategies for controlling ‘upload’ and ‘download’ of memory

Memory Genius works alongside other reasonable adjustments such as IT and coaching to improve independence and self reliance.

Does it work?

Memory Genius is a successful programme, running with Hampshire County Council, St Georges University, National Offender Management Service and more. We evaluated the Memory Genius group co-ordinated with the National Offender Management Service and found that the group improved their memory scores from an average of the 10th percentile to the 53rd percentile.

This improved working memory performance in cognitive tasks, can be interpreted that participants had learned how to deliberately use strategies to improve their memory. Participants reported increased self-awareness and an ability to deliberately control memory upload and download. These interventions demonstrated that addressing the root cause of cognitive factors is an effective way to improve outcomes for neurodiversity.

For more information

Contact our Head Office for further details, costs and timescales. or 01273 890 502

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