What is Memory Genius?

Memory Genius is a series of six 3-hour sessions delivered by psychologists and experienced workplace coaches at your location of choice.
This can however be extended to nine 3-hour sessions, if the organiser would like to include the ILM Level 2 Leadership and Team Skills Award or Certificate.
The Award requires a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 12 credits.
The Certificate requires a minimum of 13 and maximum of 36 credits. 

Both can be made up from a range of topics which cover:

• Different types of memory: long and short-term, working, visual, verbal and more
• Memory for spelling, words, instructions and numbers
• The impact of stress on memory and how to control stress responses
• The impact of memory on time management, organisation, learning and career development
• Understanding personal strengths and weaknesses
• Strategies for controlling ‘upload’ and ‘download’ of memory

Memory Genius works alongside other reasonable adjustments such as IT and coaching to improve independence and self reliance.