What are ASC and Asperger’s Syndrome?

Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC) and Aspergers are part of a range of neurodiversities that affect the way we communicate.  While people with ASD and Aspergers may seem quite introverted and even ‘blank’, the truth is that the internal world is often quite busy.  ASD brains have a lot more going on when processing the senses, which make colours, sounds, smells and feelings seem brighter, louder and stronger than they would do otherwise.  People with ASD are very quick to process all this information and have great skills in being detail conscious and ordered.  These differences can result in the following difficulties at work:

  • Over focusing on certain aspects of the role and getting stuck in detail.
  • Difficulty following instructions that are open to interpretation.
  • Difficulty communicating verbally, particularly in groups.
  • Over stimulation and the need for quiet, calm space = stress.

Our approach in all our work is to build on strengths to solve problems.  An active analytic brain can quickly develop self awareness and learn strategies for overcoming difficulties.  We have worked with and supported many clients to communicate well with potential and actual employers and line managers,  allowing them to adjust their work environments so that they can thrive.