Kickstart Internships

Helping organisations to access an untapped talent pool

Whether you are simply looking to diversify your business, or trying to meet specific Equity, Diversity & Inclusion targets, it can be a challenge.

Neurominorities bring a unique set of skills that will strengthen your team. However, traditional recruitment channels don’t always have access to the most disadvantaged groups, and selection processes can create unintentional barriers for neurodiverse candidates.

Genius Within has worked with over 10,000 neurodiverse individuals, as well as 2,000 businesses. We are uniquely placed to bridge the gap, connect you with potential interns and deliver programmes that are truly inclusive. We can neurodiversify your recruitment processes, and support you to ensure that placements are successful.

Accessing the Kickstart scheme

From September 2020, Internships can be funded via the Government Kickstart Scheme for under 25s. The scheme is aimed at organisations looking to take 30 or more interns. However, if you are looking to take on a smaller number, Genius Within is a certified Gateway provider and can help you to access that funding.

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