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Apprenticeships can be very attractive to neurodiverse individuals, because of the practical, on the job learning aspects. Many trade based apprenticeships are in areas that ideally suit individuals with strong visual-spatial skills (commonly found in those with dyslexia). Dyslexic apprentices will therefore tend to excel at hairdressing or bricklaying, for example, as it plays to their strengths. Genius Within have a unique, tested and cost effective approach to Additional Learner Support.

Neurodiverse individuals on higher level apprenticeships may need appropriate in-work support to manage the study requirements.

If you are an Apprentice

Genius Within can provide one-to-one or group strategy coaching covering topics such as time management, organisation, communication and memory which enable you to remain on course and pass your endpoint assessment.

If you are employing an Apprentice… 

we are able to provide awareness training to a group of colleagues, and information on reasonable adjustments that employers can make in order to make the apprenticeship experience successful for everybody.

If you are an Apprenticeship Training Provider, we can up-skill your staff by providing  screening tools,  initial assessments, and very tidy paperwork evidence so as to reduce attrition rates dramatically. We can provide the assessment for ALS funding, and ongoing coaching support that can be funded through ESFA ALS funding.

Costs vary depending on volume, but range from £50 for phone or video coaching to £575 for a full diagnostic assessment. In our experience, a positive assessment, combined with regular coaching sessions is the most effective.  The average cost per learner is approximately £900 in total (well within the £150 per month Apprentice Learner Support Fund). We have found that an initial assessment through taking our online adjustments screener, followed with a half an hour de-brief call with one of our psychologists, is an accessible and effective way to triage support options.

You can find out more below or email to find out more.

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Support for apprentices can also be funded through the Access To Work scheme.

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