I was not really sure what my three sessions with Natasha would involve. Natasha asked me to fill out a quick form before she came to ascertain what my expectations were, which I felt quite hard to be sure about. I know personal organisation, memory, and spelling were fairly key.

When she came it was very easy to talk to her and I found myself telling her all the things I found frustrating in my daily work and home life and she was able to give me some great tips and advice on how to make my life easier; more efficient.

After the first session I went on a shopping spree and spent a long time in various shops looking at diaries and calendars and other shops for clocks. I really had to consider all the things I needed out of these items and also discussed it with my family.

Above is a photo of the clock that now hangs in my studio and has been more useful than I can say…

The clock allows me to see what time, day, and date it is in one glance which has made filling out my time sheets so much easier, more efficient, accurate and reliable.

Above is a photo of part of a timesheet that whilst it still may not be filled out terribly neatly it can be seen that the date and times are really accurate. Often I would be unsure if I’d entered that particular day’s work on a timesheet and there would be confusion, confusion no more!

Photo of the new home for my keys, it is a good home and they are happy there! These keys have caused great consternation to my life and this new keyring was in place I feel before Natasha was on her train home!

The new diary that I decided upon format wise did not start until September so I made a whole load of editions to it in the same format so that it started immediately. It is very successful and I’m very glad to have it. I am writing neater too in general in my diary but what is more important is that we had a family meeting about the choice of diary so everybody was involved. Everybody in the family now knows where to find the information in a clear and precise way. To add to this there is a large calendar on the wall which shows an overview of the year which is also very useful.

Many of these things sort of obvious things that I could have done but I hadn’t done them and I hadn’t even thought of doing them and so whilst they are quite small things they had a big impact in my life and that of my family.

I found the spelling interesting and we are doing it intermittently in the mornings because it is the holiday now there is less of a schedule. The memory session was also useful and very interesting and I have printed off the documents Natasha left me with. Also I really find the “clean feedback” sheet helpful in many ways.

This story was told by Tessa Jackson, owner of Jackson Sculpture Conservation Limited


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