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Working with a senior manager at a media company his 360 degree feedback had provided evidence of being an amazing leader yet did not seem to complete tasks or manage meetings well.

During one coaching session my client paused and stated ‘This may sound crazy yet the wall behind you is talking louder than you’.


We explored the wall, what it meant and discovered how easily the client got distracted in team meetings.  How he found some rooms he just could not concentrate in and would often want the meeting over with, not realising this could be down to being distracted.

Working with a model of how he would like to be in meetings, he created an anchor, he found his ‘genius for being calm’.


He  took further control of meetings.  He identified those rooms which caused the most ‘distraction’ and those with the least.  Going forward, he aimed to book his rooms in advance to ensure the best rooms!  He then knew when a meeting was booked in a ‘distracting room’ he would build in mini breaks into the meetings, simply to just stand up and stretch.


He had lost his genius for team meetings and found it in his awareness of distraction.

One additional benefit he noticed, was the use of the anchor at family gatherings and noticed how others around him would alter their behaviour as he was now remaining more calm and less distracted!

And a final genius found in this story.  A year later my ADHD client is now mentoring employees with ASC – their desire for order and structure is assisting him to be more structured.


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