Genius Within Bans the Box, taking a step to end discrimination against ex-offenders.

Genius Within adds support to growing Business in the Community-led campaign calling for the removal of the criminal-record tick box from application forms.

Ban the Box challenges employers to value skills over unrelated criminal convictions, with convictions assessed on a case-by- case basis later in the recruitment process.


Genius Within has removed the criminal-record disclosure box from its job application forms in support of Business InThe Community’s (BITC) Ban The Box campaign, which aims to address the discrimination faced by job-seeking ex-offenders.

Genius Within assess job seekers on their skills and abilities first. This provides all applicants an equal opportunity to get to interview based on their competency for a role rather than excluding them because of an unrelated conviction.

10 million people in the UK have criminal records, yet research suggests that three-quarters of employers admit to using a criminal conviction to discriminate against an applicant, meaning that qualified job seekers can be blocked from employment.

Genius Within has joined the movement of large and small companies aiming to address this.


For further details on Business in the Community’s Ban The Box campaign visit

Follow the campaign at #BantheBoxUK


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