For many years, I have been asked, “when are you going to work with young people?” and told “We need your work in schools!”

I am a work specialist.  I work with adults.

However, let me introduce you to Kit Messenger, teacher of thirty years, ex-Headmistress and the only education creator to whom I have felt 100% confident entrusting my own children.  When Kit announced last year that she no longer felt she could ethically operate in the educational environment given the test and squeeze policies enforced from government, I had a spark of an idea.

What I loved about Kit, when she was Deputy Head and then Head of my kid’s primary school, was her inclusivity.  Walking around the school, children would flock to her, eager to relay their hopes, achievements, dreams.  In the biggest school in district, with over 500 kids and many with special needs and difficult backgrounds, Kit created a culture of success, where all skills were valued.  She worked tirelessly to stem the tide of SATS success only.  Children were encouraged to shine with poetry, BMX skills, singing, sports, kindness. And they wanted to! Her praise and recognition was never ‘un-cool’, even with the Key Stage 2 kids.  Kit knew every child’s name and would remember what they had been up to recently.

So before I left for the USA we made an agreement that Kit would come to Genius Within, observe and learn what we do.  Kit has become an excellent Genius Within coach (her clients love her) and has developed her expertise of Special Educational Needs from an evolutionary, positive assessment perspective (she loves it).  Kit has been into the prisons and, whilst there as an observer, improved edited and supported our Memory Genius programme.  Her creativity knows no bounds.

This term she starts her own pilots in the schools, and I am confident that Kit will be able to translate the Genius Within approach into the education system.


Even if those aren’t the skills measured by SATs, they are the skills needed in the workplace and we can provide children with hope, hope of a viable future in which they can contribute to their communities and society at large.

If you want to collaborate, please email or call our office on 01273 890 502.

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