Celebrating Neurodiversity – Preparing for the World Café and Twitter Chat discussion!

Friday 28th June 10.30am GMT repeated 10.00am ET (which is 3pm GMT)

It’s finally here!  Time to open the conversation ….

We want to know your experience and insights.

We will then draw out the themes and the patterns that are current, and feed them back into the discussion.

We welcome differing opinions.

The purpose of this exercise is not to agree, to decide, to define or to refute the opinions of others, the purpose is simply to capture the ‘the narrative’ as it is right now, for us as individuals.

10.30 Q1: What can we do to support young people with ND  in diagnosis, education and in finding their niche in life?

10.40 Q2: Labelling Neurodiversity: is it useful for us personally? Are we imposing medical boundaries on human cognition difference? What labels do we prefer?

10.50 Q3: What’s your top 1 or 2 examples of good ND inclusion practice?

11.00 Q4: Does ND mean never having to say you’re sorry?  How do we each accommodate clashing patterns of thinking or communication when it happens to us personally?

11.10 Q5: What are our experiences of reasonable adjustments/accommodations? What’s the boundary for what is ‘reasonable’ in schools, workplaces and communities?

These questions will be repeated on Twitter starting at 15:00 GMT (which is 10:00 ET, 9.00 CT, 8:00 MT and 7:00 PT for our USA collaborators).

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