It is a pleasure to share with you one of my own client’s coaching experience.

M had an assessment with Nancy, our company owner and Chartered Occupational Psychologist. This identified that she has severe dyspraxia. M then got in touch with Access to Work. Her assessor suggested Claro Read for her (to help with reading and proofreading of her written work), some reading filters and 6×2 hour sessions with me.

M is an outreach programme manager, managing women’s outreach projects with workers in the sex industry. As well as working on a one-to-one basis with her clients, M manages team members and carries out a lot of admin tasks.

We started off by identifying topics that she would like to work on in coaching, by looking through our starting coaching contract and M explaining the things that she found most difficult.

The top three key things for this client were

  1. Improving her concentration and focus – we did this by: booking in her diary short periods of time; when her phone was on silent and email closed and setting alarms so that she did not get too caught up in what she was doing.


  1. Organising her thoughts, which popped up whilst she was doing other things. We did this by using a dump pad to capture these thoughts and come back to them later.


  1. Organising her paperwork, desk and email. As the client was based on multiple sites, having quick and easy access to her resources was important for her for all other topic areas. It immediately reduced the client’s stress levels and this made other things easier for her to do.

We always spent time at the beginning part of each session, ensuring that the strategies set to practice were working for her. If they were not, we would make the relevant adjustment(s). At the end of the session, we would identify the priority topics to work on next time.

What did this all mean?

After coaching completed, we left it a month or so before we got in touch with the client.

One of our customer service team gets in touch with clients, to create the space for them to be open and honest in their feedback.

The client then scores themselves on the topics they chose to work on, without knowing the scores they chose at the start of coaching.

Following coaching, the client saw an improvement in every topic area that she worked on.

Detailed evaluation scores


TopicBefore score  (out of 10)After score (out of 10)
Organisational Skills28
Short term memory38
Time Management38
Dyspraxia Awareness58
Stress Management37
Focussing on work78


Line Manager

TopicBefore score  (out of 10)After score (out of 10)
Organisational Skills46
Short term memory47
Dyspraxia Awareness68
Stress Management78

The client’s line manager was also impressed with the outcomes from the coaching and also saw an improvement in the client’s performance. Line manager said : “Chris was so professional.  His reports were thoughtful, insightful and very focussed on the problems and their solutions.”

Our clients can also get an Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) endorsed certificate, when they have coaching for eight hours or more.

They simply work with their coach; implement the strategies and the process is externally verified by the ILM.

Would you like to find out more?

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