During my work with Christoffer, I was a full-time senior lecturer at a UK university, completing my Ph.D., working on a PGCert in Higher educational teaching and working internationally as an artist. My work with Christoffer has been and excellent and rewarding process that has enabled me to work better, more efficiently and most importantly less stressfully.

The work Christoffer and I did, helped me to map out my existing strategies for working, introduce new ones where there were gaps and formalise those strategies into clear and practical approaches I can use. We started by considering the underlying issues that affect my working practice; emotional, mental and physical.

Christoffer helped me to face some uncomfortable issues in a sensitive and rigorous manner. From this, we worked out areas that I wanted to improve and consider in depth in later sessions. Each week we would consider a particular area of concern, map out existing strategies, consider new ones and set these out as a summary at the end of the session. At the end of each session, I would be left with a set of clear [developmental] tasks to carry out for the next session, which really helped me to be pragmatic in dealing with issues associated with my dyslexia.

One of the most important aspects of Christoffer’s work is that he placed the onus for my development on me. That is, he checked in each week to see what worked, what needed developing further and what needed to be changed. He wouldn’t let me get away with platitudes and forced me to really consider the strengths and difficulties that are the result of my neurodiversity.

Overall Christoffer was an excellent coach and someone I would not hesitate to recommend. His work with me has improved my working practice and given me the tools to be a more confident and competent lecturer, artist and researcher.


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