What is coaching for neuro-diverse conditions such as Dyslexia and Dyspraxia?

Coaching is not returning to school!  We do not expect, in an average of 5 sessions, to undo 12 years of formal education not quite working out.  For many of our clients, education was fine, it is this latest promotion which is tricky!

So, coaching is about finding practical solutions to your difficulties.  It is also about recognising and playing to strengths. For example, if we discover that you or your employee’s memory works best for meaningful events, we will practice ways to associate boring things with meaningful events!  This also works with turning sounds into images, note taking strategies and more.

Coaching is also about: working with stress levels, knowing how to change your habits to be in the best state possible and identifying longer-term goals to help find your motivation.

We will ask you / your employee to try new things and practise in between sessions.  It isn’t always easy but it does work!

How much does coaching cost?

This depends very much on where you are and how you are referred to us.  Our prices are usually between £400 – £1000 for a full programme.  Get in touch with us directly to find out more.

Will my coach be able to give me a strategy for my problems?

Sometimes, yes. Because of our experience, we have lots of tips to share.  We also want to make sure they suit the person and the exact role, so most of the time our coaches will develop strategies together with our clients.  This will also help you / your employee to build confidence in your own abilities to sort things out.

Is the manager involved?

We try to involve managers as much as possible, to give the greatest chance of carrying new ideas into everyday work.  We ask managers to come to the first session and then we encourage you to debrief regularly together.  We have an open door policy for managers who want to discuss things with us.

Personal information will be confidential and we will not disclose examples or stories, just which solutions we are practising and how we expect them to help.

How will I remember everything that happens in coaching?

Our coaches send a brief, bullet point overview of all the strategies and things to do after each session.  You or your employee can share this, as a follow up de-brief and conversation is great for remembering.

We also structure your sessions with a few weeks gap after each session and a catch up call in between.  This helps our clients to remember and practise new ideas.

After the coaching is finished, you or your employee can use our online resources.  Perhaps  you want to refresh your memory on a certain topic, or if your job changes you might want to revisit an area.  Click here to see our online resources.

Does coaching work?

Our research, published by the British Psychological Society, shows that our clients find their productivity improves by 57% after just nine sessions!  Their managers also report a 28.7% improvement.  The difference between the two is because our clients are rating themselves much lower than their managers at the start. We think this is usually due to low self confidence, something that will change during coaching. Click here for more details.

What if it isn’t working for me?

Talk to your coach, as early as possible.  Let him or her know that you’d like to try a different style.  If that doesn’t work, talk to us.  We do, on occasion, swap coaches as some personalities don’t match, even if our coaches are very good at building rapport!

The most important thing is for you to get all you can out of it, so the earlier you raise the issue the better.  Don’t be afraid to ask for something different – it is YOUR coaching programme and only you that will have a hard time if it doesn’t work.

Managers, this goes for you too.  If you feel in the dark and unsure of what is happening, talk to the coach as soon as possible.

Can I choose my coach?

Yes.  We a number of different coaches working in most areas of the UK, except for the very far flung places!  We want you to get on with your coach so if you have had your initial phone call and you want to switch, just let us know.  You can also review all the coaching profiles of our team, all over the UK, by clicking here

What is group coaching?

Group coaching is when several people who want to cover the same topic have a shared coaching session.  We find this much more fun and it can also be more effective, as you can learn loads from each other’s ideas.

Group coaching is very useful when a company has a large team of staff, who may have the same type of struggle.  We can design a session that suits that exact company need, for example a working memory training on data entry, or code checking. This is a very efficient way to tap into our expertise!

If you want to find our more about this option, or be part of our research programme looking for new and innovative ways to implement reasonable adjustments, just contact us by clicking here.

  1. Clare R 7 years ago

    Hello Nancy, I am new to blogging but my coach, Cheryl, suggested I try! I’ve just completed my coaching course and am self-employed. I have dyspraxia and mild dyslexia, and my attention span has led to me being called ‘Flea’! Things got very disorganised after an illness, but with the coaching, and lots of hard work in between, I am so much better..Cheryl suggested that I should share some of the fun tools that I developed in the course of my coaching. I feedback also that the coaching has been fantastic, and fun. So, some of the tools I develop or use are : 1) ‘My Virtual Secretary’…..2) my dyspraxia toolkit -which looks like a pack of cards. On each is a coaching techniques written down with a picture, and colour-coded/categorised. So, on the really disorganised days, I can pick a card and remind myself of something which might help. And 3) the purchase of an £11 laminator has been amazing investment-instead of multiple bits of paper, getting lost etc. I now laminate important messages, templates and instructions. 4) ‘Attending to the chimp’-how to settle the attention which bounces everywhere. I just wanted to say to others with ND conditions that you can use your difficulties concentrating, and scattered thinking to produce some quite useful things….and your coach helps you develop the ways which suit you and your work demands. My office is now a small collection of regularly used tools/notebooks/files and not spread everywhere….Thank you!

    • Author
      nancy 7 years ago

      So glad things have worked out well!

      Thanks for taking the time to tell us, it means a lot.


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