It is always great to hear the feedback about my colleagues.

6 to 8 weeks after the last coaching session, the office calls all our clients and evaluates the coaching.

Sometimes our clients are so impressed, they write in. I thought I’d share with you a copy of the email which Adam sent to Nancy, about the work he did with Emma.

Hi Nancy,

I’m just getting in touch to say thank you to you and your firm for my dyslexia coaching sessions. I have been working with Emma Wee over the last few months and I have found her to be an exceptional coach. Her energy, enthusiasm and creativity have really helped me engage with the sessions; I definitely feel that I am better at managing my dyslexia thanks to her input.

Specific feedback for Emma

  • Emma has a high level of emotional intelligence and she used this to tailor her sessions around my personality. I always felt engaged with the work we did. I am sure this is why we were able to cover such a range of topics and areas in the three sessions.


  • Emma is very good at pacing her sessions. She knows how to balance intense activities with breaks and lighter sessions. This meant that I was able to hold concentration for our full three-hour sessions.


  • Emma has a very creative and synesthetic approach to learning. This meant that she could come up with innovative coaching strategies to support my dyslexia, all of which were tailored to my particular strengths.

Thank you again for the work of Emma and your whole team. I am very grateful to you; your support has improved my working life a great deal and given me much more confidence in my ability.

Best wishes,



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