“What led to the Coaching?”

Jane – coaching client

I have overall 27 symptoms ranging from, panic attacks struggling to walk, anxiety outside

work, no social life, anxious coming to work, not sleeping over weekends, everything an

effort, felt alone, no trust in the management, did not know if work or home was best. I had

confidence issues, the littlest thing would set my anxiety off. My doctors offered me beta

blockers (As the coaching started I did not feel the need to take these).


John – Jane’s line manager

During the year, we are performance rated – at the middle of the year Jane’s performance

rating was a 2 (5 best 1 not best). Jane was trying hard. The trigger was in May 2015 a

week off with stress which was more work related. From the banks point of view we have a

process. I could see it in Jane even if she had not taken the week off I would have

recommended this process. Jane had always been happy and comfortable in her shoes.

Coaching seemed of a natural thing to tap into.

“What was the most useful in the coaching?”


Julie shared techniques which taught me to deal with every day situations. Exploring issues I

now understood why I reacted in such a way. My coaching helped me identify how things

were happening by breaking the event down. Julie would bring things to sessions to help me

to explore areas I struggled with. Even when I felt at my worst, working with Julie helped me

to explore things outside the business.

Her style of using post it notes on the wall looking at things from different angles helped me

hugely. Another exercise we looked back on time and I was able to figure out how things

happened and when, and break the pattern. Also hugely valuable were the breathing




My involvement was very peripheral. Julie had a really good temperament and I could see

Jane felt completely at ease with her. When I met Julie at the first session I walked away

feeling I had confidence in this woman.

Experiential change, a slow nice steady eddy improvement. What was most useful during

the coaching, was seeing Jane leaving work at 5pm with a smile on her face. To ask Jane

how her weekend was, it was nice to see her smile and hear what she said. For example,

Jane is off to Sheffield this weekend full of beans.


“And how are things now?”


I have 2 more sessions – I don’t think I need them – yet would like to have them to help me

with my eyes. My health has improved down to 1 symptom – I have a new team and I have

trust in my management team. I have a busy social life and do not feel anxious about

coming into work. I have not been out of work for anxiety not using hours to go home early.

I feel I am capable of more – the thought of going onto a different role before I could not

even concentrate or read a sentence and I now know that is not true.

I had my end of year review which was a 3 which is great.

Coaching is a great tool which can help you in all aspects of your life.


Last 6 weeks / 2 months Jane’s confidence has increased. There is a capability around

everything, for Jane to filter out things and not take things personally. That is a real leap

forward for me. Every other day Jane was at my door. Productivity wise we are in the

business of providing a service to customers. When things were really bad in the 2nd half of

last year we put Jane on ‘other activities’. There was no real performance measure on it.

Now Jane processes customer accounts and the upshot is we send refund cheques to

customers and put things right for customers which Jane now does. I am getting real value

for money from Jane’s employment now. She can track at any time of the day of she is

doing with her objectives.


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