At Genius Within, quality is important to us. We believe it is important to evaluate our service by obtaining feedback from all clients. After each coaching programme is complete, someone independent from the delivering coach contacts the client to obtain qualitive and quantative data. We feel this is an effective way to measure the impact coaching has had, and enables us to discover whether each client has positive long-term strategies

Coaches are then given feedback (where appropriate), so that they can understand which areas of their practice may benefit from further development.

It was my pleasure to work with A. She is an experienced Probation Officer and this was her second Access to Work assessment. Previously, she had only assistive technology suggested to her and was interested in having coaching.

A’s coaching journey was not the smoothest. She had a great number of challenges to overcome including: system failures impacting on her ability to meet deadlines; personal health challenges and some difficulties with working relationships.

I was also being shadowed by a new coachfor a couple of these sessions.

Throughout our time together, my holding the client accountable for her own success and challenging her where she had not achieved what she wanted was crucial.

Here is her feedback, gathered by the lovely Claire in our customer service team:


TopicBefore coaching out of 10After Coaching out of 10
Short-term memory38
Time Management38
Stress Management68
Finding directions27
Verbal Communication58

Client quote: “Chris was brilliant, patient and the best coach she ever had. She related to him straight away.

Permission has been gained from the client to use all of this information.



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