Here’s the latest instalment in the series of how to get the most from your iOS device. This focuses on Microsoft Office apps which allow basic editing of documents on the move and connecting these apps to Drop Box.


Please be careful of your comfort, especially when using mobile devices for an extended period of time.


Create yourself a free Windows Live account, which you can do here


If you have a Gmail or Hotmail account, you already have a Windows live ID. If this is true for you, skip this signup step.


In the IOS apps store, download the Microsoft Office apps that you would use.


When installed, you’ll be prompted for your Windows Live ID and password.


Adding an existing drop box account


If you don’t have these, look back on my previous blog for how to sign up and install.


Then you are prompted to add Dropbox to the office app i.e. Word and enter your pin for Dropbox.


If you aren’t prompted to add Dropbox, click the back arrow in the upper left.


Click on your Windows Live user account picture at the top.


Click on add service and Dropbox.


Enter your pin and your account is connected.


Your documents are automatically saved to drop box, when you are connected to the Internet.


Repeat this step for all of the apps you are using i.e. Word then Excel.



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