This series is going to be about getting the most out of portable devices. I am going to start with focusing on getting more from your iPad or iPhone.

A good way to make sure you have the latest copy of your documents on all of your devices is to use a cloud storage solution.

Cloud storage means that your documents are securely stored on a remote computer and can be synchronised to any device you connect to your account.  You can either work completely on your chosen storage solution, which is to say that you save documents there directly.

Or, you can choose just to use it as a backup. This means saving documents to your device i.e. your laptop PC and then copying them to your cloud storage.  There are many Storage services that provide free space.  You can use I Cloud (which handily is where you can back up your contacts and your iPad)

Another popular cloud storage solution is Google Drive. This can work really well, because it comes as part of a free Gmail account. This also gives you an email address and Google Calendar. Google Calendar can be a great way to organise your time, or about this will be in a later blog.

I’ve chosen drop box, as this is the solution I use most often. Genius Within holds many fascinating associate resources on here.  It doesn’t matter whether I want to look at something on my iPad (with the right apps of course), my desktop PC or my laptop.

Let’s start with getting Dropbox.

1) Sign up for a free account on and register an email address and password.

2) Download drop box from the App store.

3) Sign into the app using your email address and password.

4) When the drop box app has been installed, it’s time to password protect it. This is another step to protect your data.

5) It’s also worth remembering here, that you may want to pin protect your mobile phone or your iPad.

6) From the settings wheel at the bottom of drop box, switch on the passcode lock and choose a four digit pin.

You are now set up to use drop box on your iOS device.

To get the most benefit from drop box, remember to install it on every device that you use.


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