Awareness Training Testimonial from a Housing Support Charity we recently worked with.



‘I just wanted, again, to extend our thanks for providing the awareness session to the team least week; some of the attendees have given feedback which I thought you might like to hear it:


“I found it interesting, I will be asking schools for more support for young people and Dyslexia as the lady mentioned every school should now have a member of staff trained in this.”


“I thought the training session was thorough, interesting and to the point. The trainer listened to what we wanted to know and I learnt a lot from it. “


“I thought the training was very good and the trainers presented well. They asked us what we wanted to get out of it and then went with the flow of that. Think it was very interesting to look at dyslexia not as a disability, but the abilities that go with it.”


From a personal view, I found it really useful in gaining a better understanding of the challenges faced by the support worker I line manage who has dyslexia and dyspraxia and it allowed me to reflect on my own practice which may not be helpful for my team member; I will be talking with her in our next supervision meeting about how I can change my behaviour to be more effective in supporting her.

I’m also determined to find the time to do some additional reading around the subject.’


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