Earlier this year I undertook a survey, to which 214 people responded, to investigate how common reasonable adjustments are for adults with dyslexia, in the workplace.

I was particularly interested in the number of people receiving formal adjustments, such as technology and coaching, and those receiving informal adjustments, such as flexibility in learning new tasks or ability to chose  flexitime.  It is of interest how many formal adjustments exist in relation to services such as Access to Work.  Informal adjustments show a deeper understanding from employers as to how they can support neurodiverse people and they demonstrate the extent to which our workplaces are ‘dyslexia-friendly’.  Many dyslexia advocates would argue that dyslexia-friendly is workplace friendly, and that inclusive practices benefit all.

I will be undertaking a review of the numbers, and an analysis of the comments left as to the usefulness of each adjustment and will aim to publish these next year.  I want to know if there are any relationships between the adjustments and the length of time people have had their jobs, or the point at which they disclosed their dyslexia.  I also want to know if the adjustments fall into more defined categories, such as team support, or flexible working.  If so, these categories might have a relationship with the length of time people have been in work.

However, a number of you expressed an interest in the results, so I thought I would release the headline data straightaway, to whet your appetite and satisfy some curiosity!

Here’s the responses, untweaked, but with those who did not give consent removed:

Raw Data 150820

And a massive thank you to all who contributed.  I will be able to use this in my research for my PhD, and the published results will provide insights for practitioners in the field of dyslexia support.  We will be able to deliver better services and stronger advocacy because we have solid data – your efforts will not be in vain.

The survey will close on the 31st August 2015 at 17:00.


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