When we don’t believe

by Alison Blackler, Genius Within Coach


As a coach for Genius Within, I thought I would write a little bit about something that is dear to my heart and something that reminds me how important our work is.  I frequently come across neuro-different clients who do not believe in themselves. They don’t think ‘they are any good’.  In fact, they will quite often report that ‘they are stupid’ and this can be rooted from their experience at school and when they were younger.  This belief has basically been given to them by a teacher, parent or someone else who was influential in these formative years. Just because they learned differently and no one took the time to understand.

These limiting beliefs become part of that person and are often associated with holding them back from reaching their true potential.  In my experience, we meet the most creative, innovative and talented people and yet these ‘old limiting beliefs’ are still ‘hanging around’.

There is nothing more satisfying as a coach than to witness someone realise their strengths and learning how they can utilise them to counteract their weaknesses.  This in itself changes the unhelpful idea that they are stupid and gives them hope for the future.

Just as a quick example of this, one of my clients who did think that she was stupid, had not completed any qualifications or courses because of this and yet was highly experienced, skilled in her field.  She completed the ILM qualification with Genius Within and this has given her the confidence to think about her future and she is currently doing a Coaching Qualification. This, for me, is one of the best results we could ever hope for.  She will become qualified in her field, now that she believes that ‘she can’.


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