One client talks about their journey with one of our coaches, Emma Wee.

Tool Box

This was the first task that was set, within the department we are low on materials this has impacted may of the teachers my tool box showed a lack of organization. This simple yet important task engaged me, knowing that I was going to redesign my own tool box.

This outcome worked well and I was able to create much more space, as well as regain ownership of toolbox and materials, I did let this slip and reverted back to a messy toolbox but every address now then redesign some in the earlier problems within the toolbox. This process has helped me understand organisation processes and the importance of ownership of learning materials. This is also something I am using at home through filing systems coloured folders making sure things are visible and not just tucked away.

Magical spelling

I had never come across this process of spelling before, and at first felt very strange, although very engaging. After the first session of magical spelling felt emotional through the ability to complete spelling tasks, they had previously been difficult. I was very keen to create my own book with a range of my own spelling, similar to the toolbox creating ownership of spelling. I have carried on with this process and have now created a blue card system of spelling is related to my job role building confidence in the process and allowing me to use words I’ve previously would have not used. Magical spelling has also helped with the verifying students work and being confident in showing my assessments to peers, magical spelling will be something I am going to carry with me and develop.


This is the first year I have used a diary, one of my tasks was to colour code the importance of the tasks and making sure they were time bound in the diary, and to take them off once completed this worked really well in showing me time bound tasks I have also placed in the diary timetable e-mail lists and course timetables that I have also commented on teaching for that day. This is something I have enjoyed I am now creating lists in the diary without so much colour coding. Unconsciously I also started to use joined up writing when creating lists in the diary this is a big step forward, something that I am keen to keep hold of most importantly this felt natural progression within the diary. A diary something that I now will use yearly, understanding its importance in being used as a tool.

Time bound

Early on in my meetings with Emma I went through the process of creating different amounts of time for different tasks, sometimes these have been colour-coded sometimes I have in order of size of the task, this has helped me to prioritise and to give certain tasks a limited amount of time, and has enabled me to move quickly from tasks task. Having this time bound exercise links to the diary has generated much more efficiency within my work time. This has allowed me to have ownership of tasks feeling comfortable that I have set time to complete and making sure work is delivered and the credit deadline.

Job interview

One sense of achievement is having the confidence to fill out an application form as well as personal statement, this has been free confident of magical spelling and ownership of written work. Over this time I had been offered a place at another college, this confirmed my feeling is of being able to move on if needed. Was in college and I have been mentioned in the CPD training day through the work I have produced. Again given a feeling of confidence and worth, through my annual lesson observation I gained a great one through team teaching this was important as it was a team effort and I had to contribute to the written work within the lesson plan and scheme of work. Team teaching observation had not been done before so this was a positive challenge to take on board, it was an exciting process and one which I enjoyed a lot.

The past

This was a very important part of my tasks with Emma; even though it’s only a visual process it on some very open nerves/feelings, the idea of revisiting my emotions and feelings from school hall this has affected me and how to overcome those feelings this was done through colour and through positive enforcement this is something I did not expect to experience within the sessions but has been extremely helpful making me aware of situations I may not have consciously dealt with.

I have called now images in place to help in situations that can start to feel uncomfortable; this as with so many of these tasks is helped to boost confidence and understanding, of who I am.


this is something I should have photographed before I started the session is my desktop was completely full of random files dating back over the last few years, when my task was to use photographs in filing my projects I did, the task quickly led to a organisation of my computer files which has led to efficiency and being able to build on previous work and I can find the folders.

The future

I feel the transformation over a short amount of time has been quite profound, when I started the first session my perception of what I would be doing was completely different, I thought would be spelling in every lesson and going over paperwork, but to my relief it was much more than that, since this course.

 I have achieved through the activities, a show at the Jerwood Drawing Prize this is a touring show with a catalogue ,as well as the 100 year gallery as part of the Whiteout show .I have been offered a job role at Woking ,although was to far away. My annual Lesson Observation was outstanding grade one, that through team teaching showed teaching development .This has lead me to think about a study program/mentoring over next year ,with the knowledge that I will be running the Foundation course this is the level 3/4 course working with students applying to UCAS.

Outside of college I am now involved in the Nunhead arts trail organizing a group show, also being part of the group that meets for this project. Also I have applied to have a drawing show in Woolwich .



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