When I heard that my colleague Julie McCracken and I were nominated for the EFS award for the work that we are doing with the young offenders in Rochester; I was really pleased. I feel honoured that the work we are doing on the CF03 project has been recognised  as good enough for a nomination, and I hope that the nomination means we will continue to grow our client base with more neurodiverse offenders in Rochester and not just 18 to 21-year-olds.

I’m proud that the work we carry out with the young offenders has made a positive impact and has gained national recognition for Genius Within CIC.

I am passionate about helping young people to achieve their full potential; especially neuro-diverse individuals. Many of the young people we work with end up in custody because they had always been told what they could not do, and what their barriers were; emphasising the negatives of being neurodiverse.

Genius Within’s ‘Memory Genius’ course does the complete opposite; we work with the young men to create awareness of the unique strengths of neurodiverse thinkers, and it’s quite profound to watch the transformation that takes place in such a short space of time with these young men. Once they realise they have unique strengths in areas that other people (neuro-typical) do not. I believe this engenders self-efficacy amongst the young men, as they learn to develop strategies to manage some of the difficulties and also focus on utilising their strengths.

 By Kae Prendergast – CF03 Case Manager




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