Adults in the workplace with neurodifference, stress, anxiety or some chronic conditions can often find their working memory is not quite what it used to be, or even not quite what it needs to be to meet their job demands.

A bit of silence now and then can be a powerful resource for the working memory to take a little down time. In a working world of open plan offices, and reducing boundary walls, little consideration is given to those who need a little extra silence to concentrate.

This film is a great demonstration about silence and noise!
This film tells the story of our relationship with silence, sound and the impact of noise on our lives – and what we can do about it. This has the potential to raise public awareness about the importance of unwanted sound and what can be done about it. Although made in the USA, it has lots of UK content. The film is being screened in cinemas in October and November 2016 and will also be available to be shown at community screenings.


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