We are delighted to announce that our modular coaching and training programmes have now been registered on the QCF as an ILM level 2 award in Leadership and Team Skills. We think this is a valuable addition to someone’s CV or CPD record as it demonstrates a range of abilities that are almost impossible to recruit or train for otherwise.

Successful clients will be able to show their prospective or current employers their strengths in areas such as problem solving, organisation and communication; all geared around their specific cognitive and neuro-diverse needs and strengths.

The qualification is based on a modular syllabus meaning each client can study the areas they need to succeed.

We are looking forwards to the planned next stage, of developing our qualification into an apprenticeship program. How great would it be if all managers had training to understand and support employees with ASD/ADHD/Dyslexia/Mental Health issues? It could mean less misunderstanding, more inclusion and a huge utilization of strengths. Not to mention the obvious cost effectiveness of not needing to re-recruit, retrain or hire outside help.


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