Many of the clients I work with (especially the dyslexic geniuses) find that they skip words or lines when they read text on the screen. You may find that you are doing this now. This usually results in missing information, which means you may need to re read the document, perhaps several times, to understand it.

One of my genius clients explained that she can read easier from an iPhone app, even if nervous. It scrolls text at a pre determined speed.

The good news is, you don’t have to have an iPhone. A standard PC can do the same thing.

This strategy can work well if you use it with either a reading ruler or coloured screen overlay. This will enable you to clear focus your attention on the lines by cutting out screen glare. If you can’t afford them, trial experimenting with changing the text and background colour within Word.

If you have a scroll mouse:

  1. Click the scroll button until the cursor changes to two black arrows or a circle with four arrows, depending on the application you are using.
  2. Scroll at the speed you would like
  3. Let go and the application will scroll at your set speed.
  4. I tried this in Word, Outlook and Google Chrome

If you don’t have a scroll mouse, please follow the steps in the guide at the top of this blog.

To get to this guide, click on Auto Scroll feature-MS Word which is in Orange text. This will download a Word document to your computer. Follow the step by step instructions to unleash your reading genius.

Hands free Computing are one of the suppliers that supply reading filters.  You can enquire via their website :

I hope that you find this blog useful and this improves your reading speed and recall of information. Use it for your Reading Genius to go from strength to strength.


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