I’ve come across this amazing network on twitter called ‘AXSChat’, who promote disability inclusion in the workplace.  Each Tuesday they feature an interviewee and then host a twitter chat at 3pm NYC / 8pm London to debate the issues.  Usually reaches a couple of thousand tweets per week.  It is hosted by the Head of Digital Inclusion for ATOS, Neil Milliken, Antonio Santos Social Media Evangelist for ATOS and Debra Ruh CEO of Ruh Global .
On the 13th June 2017 I am the featured interviewee, discussing the merits of neurodiversity inclusion and how to operationalise these in a workplace.
The way it works is as follows.
Step 1) Watch the video interview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o455GNnl7M4&t=39s
Step 2) Tweet your own answers to the following questions, at the relevant time.

8pm Q1 @NancyDoylePsych uses testing to find people’s strengths. So how do we overcome fear of tests from previous negative experiences #axschat

8.10pm Q2 So many organisations insist employees work on their weaknesses rather than developing their strengths how can we change this? #axschat

8.20pm Q3 we’re all unique beings with strengths & weaknesses so why do we feel the need to labels those who deviate from the norm? #axschat

8.30 pm Q4 #Neurodiversity can be challenging when applying for jobs. What can employers do to improve recruitment & selection processes #axschat

8.40pm Q5 how can we create education & working environments that enable #neurodiverse people to achieve their full potential? #axschat

8.50pm Q6 what role does coaching & mentoring have to play in allowing people to blossom & #Neurodiversity to be recognised as a strength #Axschat

If you want to tweet an answer, just wait for the appropriate time and then include A1 / A2 or whatever and the hashtag #AXSChat in your tweet.
I’d really enjoy hearing your voices and even if you find this post after the chat, you can watch the videos anytime!


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