Neurodiversity Coaching

Written by Carol Wilkinson, Neurodiversity Coach


Earlier this month, I attended The Coaching Conversation conference in Norwich and hosted roundtable discussions about neurodiversity and coaching. It was interesting – but perhaps not surprising – how little is known and understood about ‘neurodiversity’.


Managers and coaches alike felt that so much more could be done to raise awareness and create environments in which it is ‘safe’ to talk about neuro-differences. We explored how labels like ‘dyslexia’ and ‘autism’ can be both a help and a hindrance.


I shared the way in which coaching has helped individuals find their own ‘Genius Within’ using the Working at my Best model.  People loved this and thought it is something that managers could use with all their staff!


David Taylor (aka The Naked Leader) was the keynote speaker in the afternoon.  He reinforced the importance of being ‘you as you really are’ and recognising that ‘everything you’ve ever wanted to achieve is within you’.  He loved the concept of ‘Genius Within’ – as did all those I spoke to.


Now that diversity is generally recognised to be a positive business benefit, let’s hope the recent research published by ACAS* will help to raise the profile of neurodiversity…





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