What’s the link between reducing the disability employment gap and soap?


Not an obvious link perhaps, but a crucial one in the movement towards disability inclusive recruitment and reducing the disability employment gap.  If you have never heard of BECO. (better considered), they are a soap company that’s products are produced by a work force where 80% of employees are disabled, visually impaired or disadvantaged. BECO. founding charity CLARITY & CO. have supported the employment of people with disabilities for 165 years.


How are they reducing the disability employment gap?

Do you have a vacant role in your company that needs filling? Have you considered that your perfect candidate may not be able bodied, may be visually impaired or disadvantaged in some way? If not, it’s time to change that.

BECO.’s current campaign #StealOurStaff (which was launched on the 3rd September 2019) is asking companies to do exactly that, to steal their successful passionate diverse staff. Staff profiles have taken over the brands packaging in some of their key retailers (e.g. Waitrose) and on the BECO. website, showing consumers who would-be employers the chance to get to know their talented workforce behind the brand.

The campaign highlights their staff in the hope that those who want to, will go on to secure jobs outside of the organisation and free-up opportunities for new staff in unemployment. They want to show big corporations the value and skill set in every person by encouraging employers to follow suit and see workability, not disability.


“We want to give people who want to work, the opportunity to work. It’s as simple as that. Some of our staff at BECO. have been at the organisation for more than 30 years, and as much as we love our team and their loyalty, we want to help them and others have opportunities and so that as a society we can close the disability employment gap. On average, there are over 250 applications for any corporate role in the UK, so it’s hard to stand out. The only way we were going to make a difference was to go big and reach the millions of supermarket shoppers through the CVs on our products and calling on big corporations to make a stand and change their hiring policies. We need everyone to start acting to help make this happen.” says Camilla Marcus-Dew, Head of Sustainable Growth, CLARITY & Co.

BECO. cannot hire each and every disabled individual in search of work, but you can help.

How can you help make a difference?

Make a hire!

Take a look at BECO.’s employees and their CVs on beco.co.uk/stealourstaff.

As a disability confident employer and leader, Genius Within encourages companies to adopt this view of workability not disability that BECO. promotes. We encourage companies to see more than a person’s disability and/or neurodiversity and really pay attention to and invest in the skills they have. With 1 in 5 people in the UK having a disability and 48% of those unemployed (over 1 million people), companies are missing out on untapped potential. We are huge advocates of systemic inclusion and making disability and neurodiversity inclusive practices the norm, rather than a reactive process. One way this can be achieved is through inclusive recruitment. We have summarised key inclusive recruitment practices here if you would like some quick ‘gotchas’ to help improve your recruitment processes.

A new job transition can be harder for disabled and neurodiverse people, but people with disabilities tend to make incredibly specialist, loyal and reliable employees once they are settled. Research globally and in the UK had repeatedly indicated that employees with differences have lower turnover and lower absenteeism, as well as higher company loyalty when adjustments and accommodations are in place. With this in mind, why aren’t we collectively seeking these people out as new employees?

“I wish other organisations would give people like us a chance. There are so many disabled people unemployed and I’m sure there are plenty of big companies that can do more to help.”  Michael, Team Leader, BECO.


Help BECO. ‘share the suds’

Buy BECO. soap for your homes and offices. Everyone can create real and sustainable change, just by washing their hands. Every bar of soap and bottle of hand wash BECO. sell helps to provide real jobs for people with disabilities. If every household in the UK put BECO. in their bathrooms, they could create 45,000 new jobs for people with disabilities.

So now you know how to help, it’s time to get involved. Just by changing the hand lotion in your bathrooms you can make a real difference. Or maybe BECO.’s #StealOurStaff campaign will help change the way you view recruitment. See Workability, not Disability.

BECO. is available nationwide at Boots, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, selected Co-op stores and the Ethical Superstore.

For further information or a media visit to CLARITY & Co. at its semi-automated factory in Highams Park, please contact: natalie@thetapeagency.com or louise@thetapeagency.com

To find out more about BECO., please visit www.beco.uk Facebook and Instagram




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