What are your top examples of neurodifferent inclusion?

When asking this question, you could expect familiar answers such as additional software for my computer at work/school, extra time in an exam, different coloured paper used to make text easier to read….

But inclusions for neurodifferences come in a number of different forms. Inclusions can be seemingly small, such as the need for regular 5 minute breaks to press the reset button. Or they can be a large over hall of the office layout, so those uncomfortable in open spaces feel more settled in their working day. Big or small, each one is valid and each one should be accessible to everyone with a neurodiverse mind.

These inclusions are incredibly important for the development of both neurodifferent and neurotypical minds. Where inclusion may give a ND mind the space to learn about and grow their personal strengths, it can also give a NT mind an appreciation for what an ND mind can achieve when supported appropriately. An example of inclusion that came from the discussion at our conference, was asking people what works for them. Surely asking these types of questions would also emotionally and practically benefit a neurotypical mind in the work place?

With ND inclusions appearing to be symbiotically beneficial, why can they sometimes be so hard to attain?

We’ve come a long way in recent years

It was uplifting to hear many of our conference attendees share a number of positive examples of inclusion they had experienced, as summarised in the mind map above. There is no denying that these examples demonstrate a huge step forward in the development of the understanding of these types of conditions, and the support that those with neurodifferent minds need.

But we need more…

More ‘normalising’ of the needs of neurodifferent minds, more people with neurodifferences in the work place, more approachable systems in place, so those who are neurodifferent feel they have a support network to utilise and support their strengths… the list goes on.

Inclusion for neurodifferences has the power to unlock minds that have previously been told they can’t do X Y Z, by instead giving them the tools to grow, use, and show off their ND strengths, breaking away from negative stereotypes such as ‘you have dyslexia, you can’t read’.


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