Genius Within is a social enterprise that until now has only worked with adults. We were continually asked about what support we could offer under 18s and as a result, have spent the past year developing our new service: Blooming Genius.

Blooming Genius offers a range of services directly to children, and also coaching based training to parents, carers, teachers and professionals.

Kit Messenger, our head of education has developed a novel programme that she has called The Empowerment Approach™.

The Empowerment Approach™  is a way of working with young people that utilises a range of coaching techniques and models to remove barriers to learning, leading to student empowerment, academic success and lasting self-efficacy.

It is particularly useful for children who have neurodiversity, either diagnosed or undiagnosed, who might find the typical reward/punishment cycle exhausting and unachievable.

You can view a short presentation on our approach here.

We teach the approach to adults supporting these children in schools and at home through the following programs:

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