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Genius Within is a leading provider of diversity and inclusion training, and workplace coaching. Our expertise is helping you to support your neurodifferent employees and unlock their potential. Over the last eight years, we have guided businesses large and small to create meaningful systemic change and delivered thousands of hours of coaching from the country’s leading, most experienced and most highly qualified professionals.

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We offer online and in person assessments, training, consultancy, one-to-one and group coaching. We help businesses and their neurodiverse employees to work at their best and overcome obstacles. Why not contact us to find out what we can do for you?

We step up services as you need them, rather than start with the most expensive service, which is usually assessment.  By making the entry point free, we can improve access.  Our clients find that 25% of  their issues can be resolved at an early stage. Our coaches believe in the power of positive assessment and will help you find practical strategies to overcome any obstacles you may be facing.

Not sure how to cover the cost? Access to Work is a government grant scheme that supports disabled and neurodiverse people in the workplace. Why not suggest to your staff member that they have a look? https://www.gov.uk/access-to-work/eligibility

Our consultants and associates are qualified in business psychology / human resources and/or professional workplace coaching.  We are professionally trained and experienced in organisational consulting, mediating and performance enhancement. We also have a high representation of lived experience within the team which speaks to our empathy and authenticity more than the skills and quality of advice we give, which must be flexible and personal rather than generic. 

For systemic inclusion, it has to become part of ‘the way we do things around here’.  In order to move from a deliberate inclusion programme or one that is compliant only, we must double loop the knowledge we gain from delivery back to inclusive design.  The data from our questionnaires and evaluations can be used to inform cultural level practices. For example, if 50% of strategy questionnaire responses refer to difficulties with concentration, we need an ergonomic environmental audit to reduce distractions in the work space.  Feedback loops like this create iterative progress towards company change, which will lead to a reduction in inclusion obstacles over time.

What we bring to the organisations we work with

  • Increased performance and productivity for neurodiverse staff
  • Improved retention and promotion of neurodiverse staff
  • Reduced cost of administering diversity inclusion
  • Significantly progress towards inclusive design of environments and workflow
  • Efficient application of accommodations and adjustments

25% of our adjustment recipients get promoted within a year

over 50% improvement in difficulties as rated by clients and their supervisors

25% reduction in cost compared to traditional disability support

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