Genius Within employment support services

We have trained  coaches throughout the UK who can deliver coaching sessions at your workplace. These sessions will help you  to develop successful coping strategies and improve  performance. We also offer co-coaching between employees and their managers, group coaching and  Executive coaching managers.  Find out more about our services here.

We offer a range of Assessments from initial screening to full diagnosis. Our reports are laid out in plain English and will suggest next steps. Find out more here.

We can offer Awareness training to entire organisations, that covers condition recognition, reasonable adjustments and obligations under the Equality Act 2010. All of our training is fun, interactive and will leave a lasting impression! Find out more here.

We can deliver group coaching on specific topics such as memory or organisation. Our group sessions can be delivered face to face or virtually, and we are happy to design courses to suit your needs. Find out more here.

Institute of Leadership and Management Qualifications

Genius Within can accredit coaching and group interventions with a variety of ILM certificates and awards. Find out more here.

How we can help with employment support

We offer a range of services for employees and their employers that meet Equality Act 2010 obligations to provide reasonable adjustments.

We have been delivering these services since 2011 and have some amazing workplace coaches throughout the UK.

Our most common help is given in the form of “Workplace Strategy Coaching”. This means a genius coach comes to your workplace to look at what is working well, what is not working so well, and helps  to develop strategies that are in themselves reasonable adjustments.

On average, clients will have 4 x 2 hour sessions spread out over 2 months. Some people have less or more than this. You can find out more here.

We also work with line managers, and whole organisations to raise awareness and improve communication. You can find more information on our awareness training services here.

If you have any questions at all, just get in touch! Our office team are very friendly and can support you through you the process. You can contact them on 01273 890 502 or email

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