Genius Within Higher Education Services

We deliver Cognitive Assessments in Universities to diagnose Dyslexia and Dyspraxia that can also indicate the likelihood of ADHD. These reports can be used to access DSA support.

Our Genius Screening helps students to decide on next steps – be it strategies they can implement immediately, formal diagnosis or coaching support.

We can offer 1:1 strategy coaching to students to support their learning and occupational placements.

Our group coaching is cost effective and leaves a powerful legacy

We can offer awareness training to staff supporting students to recognise and manage neurodiversity such as Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Autism and ADHD

How we can help with Higher Education

Genius Within offer a complete inclusion program for educational establishments.

We already work with a wide range of clients including universities and employers providing evidence-based approaches to address underlying factors in motivation, agency and capability.

Our University inclusion programs cover:

  1. Screening and Triaging Support needs

Genius Within have developed a stage one profiler. This is accessible online and measures students’ cognitive strengths and areas of challenge.

The strategy profiler suggests a number of contextual, practical difficulties typically experienced by a neurodiverse individual.  Respondents tick ‘yes’ or ‘no’ as to whether they are experiencing this difficulty. If ‘yes’ is ticked to any item,  a suggestion of the top one or two strategies for mitigating this problem are recommended in a report that can be viewed online and downloaded.

Please note: The number of ‘yes’ ticks is not diagnostic of a condition.  Diagnosis can only occur with thorough cognitive testing, such as that provided in a one-to-one cognitive assessment with an appropriately trained professional.

A higher number of ticks is, however, associated with a need for further intervention. The intervention may be:

  • Further testing with a more in depth, cognitive tool (such as the Do-IT profiler)
  • Formal assessment of neurodiversity with a professional
  • Coaching and/ or training to support the development of context specific, personal strategies

The profiling tool produces an immediate report of strengths, challenges and suggested strategies that the student can trial, and share with teaching staff.

Our Genius Screening service includes an additional 30 minute de-brief with a Psychologist trained in both neurodiversity and strategy development.  This follow up call results in recommendations for either:

  • No further Action
  • Formal assessment, coaching or both
  • Suggestions for reasonable adjustments that would benefit the student

Based on implementation of this screening process, we have analysed the cut off points that match a control group of formally diagnosed students and apprentices and found that:

  • A score of 0-10% suggest no further support is required
  • A score of 11-28% indicates that it would be appropriate to invite the student to take up the de-brief call with a psychologist
  • A score of 29% or over should trigger an automatic referral for a psychologist de-brief call

Our staff are able to collate and report of the numbers of students accessing the service, and prevalence of support needs at regular intervals.

     2. Group Coaching workshops

Our Memory Genius coaching workshops are particularly useful for HE students, who need to learn to rely on their own, internal and self-developed memory strategies as they become independent learners and move into the workplace. Through facilitated peer group coaching, we ensure that the student understands their abilities and how they relate to their course of study and eventual career.  We focus on what the student can do themselves, to improve their results and maximise their potential.

We can offer these as a rolling program of peer coaching throughout the academic year, focusing on the cognitive areas of difficulty that are common within neurodiverse individuals. Our workshops are built on a solid evidence base that this is the most effective way to improve performance and reduce stress.

Rolling topic workshops can be provided as 1 per week or month on the following topics:

  • Memory
  • Organisation
  • Stress Management
  • Neurodiverse Strengths
  • Communication
  • Literacy

We offer group coaching sessions for up to 15 students at a time.
These sessions can be delivered to groups of students across the range of neurodiverse conditions or could be tailored to those with a particular neurodiversity e.g. ADHD or ASC.

    3.  Staff Training

We offer staff training at a range of levels, to meet identified needs. We can also identify those needs through surveying staff and designing a bespoke package that exactly fits the need of your organisation.

Our ‘off the shelf’ training packages consist of:

  1. ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions
  2. E-Learning/Webinars
  3. Half day Inclusion Awareness training
  4. Neurodiversity Inclusion Services to build staff competence


Additional Services:

In addition to the services outlined above, Genius Within can also provide:

  • We can review and advise on other teaching materials and organizational practices to improve inclusion.
  • Our Psychologists are skilled and experienced in working with the full range of neurodiverse conditions and can provide specific consultancy on managing unusual conditions including Asperger’s, Autism, Dyspraxia(DCD), AD(H)D, Dyscalculia, Tourettes and Dysgraphia.
  • ILM qualifications are available as add-ons to staff or student training in the form of the ILM endorsement in managing Neurodiversity, or ILM level 2 in Leadership and Team Skills for course or coaching clients. These qualifications can demonstrate the successful completion of a program of self-development, improving future career opportunities.
  • Genius Within also provide a bespoke package for Apprentices that can be funded via the £150 per month Additional Learner Support fund. This consists of ‘Genius Screening’ as the initial assessment of need, followed by coaching sessions that are 1.5 hour face to face, followed 2 weeks later with a 30 min telephone call to check strategy implementation. This can be repeated for as many months as the apprenticeship continues, right up to end point assessment.

If you would like to know more, please email the team or call 01273 890502

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