Genius Within Higher Education Services

We deliver Cognitive Assessments in Universities to diagnose Dyslexia and Dyspraxia that can also indicate the likelihood of ADHD. These reports can be used to access DSA support.

Our Genius Screening helps students to decide on next steps – be it strategies they can implement immediately, formal diagnosis or coaching support.

We can offer 1:1 strategy coaching to students to support their learning and occupational placements.

Our group coaching is cost effective and leaves a powerful legacy

We can offer awareness training to staff supporting students to recognise and manage neurodiversity such as Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Autism and ADHD

How we can help with Higher Education

Genius Within provides cognitive assessments and workshops for Higher Education students.

We currently deliver services in Universities across the UK.  Because of our extensive experience in the workplace we are able to focus on making recommendations for practice placements and beyond education as well as lectures and exams.  This makes our reports much more helpful going forward, rather than just an expensive way to get 25% extra time.

We deliver our Positive Assessment diagnostic process (SASC Compliant) and ensure that the student understands their abilities and how they relate to their course of study and eventual career.  We focus on what the student can do themselves, to improve their results and maximise their potential.

Our Memory Genius workshops are particularly useful for HE students, who need to learn to rely on their own, internal and self-developed memory strategies as they become independent learners and move into the workplace.

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