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Posted 04 Mar 2021

Inclusion Project of the Year 2021 Nominees

The aim of the Inclusion Project category is to recognise the organisations and projects that have done outstanding work to reduce discrimination and increase access to success for neurominorities.

Meet our 2021 nominees

  • Able Hands Together (Laura Tween)
  • ADHD Hub
  • ADHD Clinic
  • All Aboard Club
  • Civil Service Dyslexia & Dyspraxia Centre
  • Disable the Difference
  • Doug Blecher (Families with ADHD)
  • Homes England (Jennifer Offord)
  • I AM ADHD (Leah Leaves)
  • Mentra
  • NeurodiverCity (Serena Chen)
  • One World Africa Foundation
  • Rene Brooks
  • Salvesen Mindroom Centre
  • Scanning Pens – Succeed with Dyslexia
  • Specialisterne North America
  • The Autism Project/Care Trade UK
  • Tiffany Jameson

Join our awards event on 18th March to find out who our winners are. Book your tickets here.

Meet our category sponsor

Osborne Clarke are a leading international law firm who immerse themselves in the global issues that are transforming the landscape of how we live, work and do business. They are focused on the transformation drivers that will have the biggest impact on their clients, we use their insight to help individuals and organisations to strengthen their resilience and thrive.

Thank you to Osborne Clarke for their support!

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