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  • Do you have young people within your organisation who are struggling to concentrate and engage and can find it hard to keep to agreed boundaries?
  • Is this causing a barrier to their learning and disruption to that of their peers?
  • Have you tried different strategies but have not yet found one that really makes a sustainable difference?

Inside Out is a training package for school staff developed collaboratively by educators and psychologists, which provides a new and innovative approach to working with young people to explore issues, find solutions and impact sustainable, long-term change.

Through this coaching based approach, staff will learn to use a set of tools and models to remove barriers to learning, leading to student empowerment, academic success and lasting self-efficacy.

Within this method, both adults and young people are empowered, providing a welcome alternative to traditional methods which focus on extrinsic controls and often lead to inconsistent erratic progress.

This approach is particularly effective in supporting young people between the ages of 4 and 18 who exhibit a neurodiverse profile* (though may not necessarily have a formal diagnosis) and meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Demonstrate social or emotional difficulties which may lead to unwanted behaviours.
  • May have experienced temporary or permanent exclusions from the classroom, enrichment activities or school itself or are at risk of this occurring in the future.
  • Can sometimes struggle to access the curriculum or engage in learning at school.
  • Are underachieving in literacy and / or numeracy yet perform well in some other subject areas.

The course, delivered by educationalists with substantial proven experience in school leadership, is based on Genius Within programmes which have been running successfully across the UK for several years and have proven impact with adult offenders.

It consists of the following elements:

  • Training for staff: 12 hours of adult group training (maximum of 25 participants) which can be delivered as two full days, four half days or six twilight sessions.
  • Positive Cognitive Assessment: (including Vocational Strengths and Careers Advice): providing an accurate picture of a young person’s strengths and difficulties, with a particular focus on strengths and how these can support academic and career success, now and in the future.
  • Direct coaching: face-to-face co-coaching with the young person in school which can be delivered individually or, where appropriate, in pairs and small groups.

For more information or to book one of our services, please contact Kit Messenger, Head of Education at Genius Within CIC:   +44 7469 233306 or email

You can also download more information here:

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*Children with a neurodiverse profile will often demonstrate good cognition and be achieving well in some curriculum areas, such as investigative science, design and technology or physical education. For further information about neurodiversity, visit:

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