Neurodiverse Executive Coaching

This is not executive coaching – this is coaching executives to maximise the genius of their diverse thinking patterns.

We commence our coaching programme with a Cognitive Assessment of strengths and weaknesses.  Feedback is provided to compliment current or future positions and can be utilised as a career planning session.

Will my coach provide me with strategies?

YES! Working extensively with neurodiverse clients, from a wide range of market sectors, we have lots of tips to share, based on solid proven business and working practises.

It is important to ensure that strategies suit the individual, the role and type of business; so most of the time our coaches will facilitate their clients to develop their own strategies.

This results in:

  • The client taking greater ownership,
  • The strategies becoming bespoke and crucially,
  • The client is learning how to develop their own strategies, which increases their longer term independence and confidence.


Does the coaching count as CPD?

Yes.  Our programme is backed by the Institute of Leadership and Management and all our clients will complete the ILM Endorsement in neurodiversity as part of their coaching programme.

How will my time be managed?

We recognise that executives and senior leaders need greater options to meet their demanding work schedules, together with a coach who operates at the executive level.  We offer flexibility to our programmes from: phone and Skype coaching, to face to face sessions.  We recommend a starting point of 8 hours coaching – how that is taken is agreed between our clients and their coaches.

What if it isn’t working for me?

We understand it is important to get the trust and respect in the relationship right.  We always offer a chemistry session to commence the coaching.  We aim to match a coach who is best suited to your needs. Sometimes, a coach with a diverse style and approach to your own may seem challenging – yet we find these are often highly effective.

If it’s not working talk to your coach as early as possible.  Let them know that you’d like to try a different style.  If that doesn’t work, talk to us.  The most important thing is for you to get all you can out of it, so the earlier you raise the issue the better.

Does it work?

Our research, published by the British Psychological Society, shows that our clients find their productivity improves by 57% after just four sessions. 23% of our clients are promoted within 1 year.

We also know that leaders who have some knowledge and understanding of neurodiversity, are better equipped to maximise the neurodiverse talents of their teams – resulting in a win-win for both the individual and the business.

Who else is involved?

We think it’s a great idea to have a mentor or manager to support the implementation of the strategies – we leave that choice up to the individual.

What documentation is provided?

Our coaches send a brief, bullet point overview of all the coaching and strategies to be worked on after each session.  We suggest this is shared this with a mentor or manager and use it as a follow up de-brief. Conversation is great for remembering!

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If you are interested in Neurodiverse Executive Coaching, please contact our coaching managers , Clare and Lesley, for further details, costs and to arrange a chemistry session.

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