Genius Within Neurodiversity Inclusion Services

Genius Within offers a phased approach to managing neurodiversity – start off with free access to easy, standard adjustments through our profiler and only bring in the interventions when required.

We offer 1:1 coaching for employees, as well as co-coaching with their line managers and group coaching for organisations.

Have you had referrals for employees with the following?

• Stress & Anxiety
• Underperformance
• Memory difficulties
• Poor organisational skills

Such difficulties are regularly reported by our clients and can be typical of a neurodiverse profile.  Additionally many of our clients with Mental Health and acquired health conditions such as Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue present such difficulties  in their cognitive processing.  OH and HR professionals need to be aware of these issues as the Equality Act 2010 requires employers to make reasonable adjustments for these conditions where the have been present for 12 months or more.

Our half-day courses run by the Genius Within qualified trainers or specialist psychologists will ensure you have the practical skills to identify:

• How these difficulties affect people in the workplace
• Communication and performance management
• Options for referral of clients
• Recommendations for reasonable adjustments




Over the past decade, Genius Within’s team of organisational psychologists and business consultants have been measuring, evaluating and honing the ‘standard services’ of assessment, coaching, technology and training.  We’ve noticed a common theme – wait until there’s a problem and then overreact!  At the first sign of trouble, expensive assessments have historically been the first port of call, even when adjustments might be free.

We call this compliance based inclusion, following an interview with inclusion journalist, @xeniaTaliotis.  There’s also deliberate inclusion programs in recruitment.

But we think the next logical progression is ‘systemic inclusion’ where the following happens as standard:

·     Ask everyone ‘how can we support you to work at your best’?

·     Use the adjustments profiler to prompt a dynamic conversation with individuals employees around strategies, space and tools

·     Be open to scheduling, induction, environmental adjustments

Our research shows that these activities, which cost nothing, will absorb around 15-25% of the issues brought by staff with any invisible disability, reducing the overall cost of inclusion and removing barriers.

Bringing in expert support for the remainder employees can be stepped up slowly, rather than start with the most expensive.

Our screening calls allow a psychologist to ‘triage’ and make many recommendations by phone. This might be sufficient, or lead to coaching / technology adjustments.

We can then offer one2one coaching, coaching with supervisors to resolve misunderstanding and find the ‘edge’ of adjustment needs and performance needs.

We can organise assistive technology and  the training on how to use it.

We sometimes escalate to a full, face2face workplace needs assessment if there are complex and overlapping needs, or any serious contentious issues.

We can also do the lengthy diagnostic assessments!  These are required for legal issues, exam boards, and are very cathartic.

Genius Within also offer a full package of staff training, from ‘lunch and learn’ sessions, inclusion awareness and manager training to resolve communication and performance issues so that everyone in your organisation can be at their best, more of the time.

We are always happy to design bespoke training packages, tailored to your exact needs, so why not arrange a call to discuss the possibilities today by emailing our team on

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