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Angie Alderman, Advanced Diploma Coaching (BPS)

ILM approved Executive Coach and Trainer

Angie is an accredited Executive Coach and Trainer, who works in a collaborative way to build trusting relationships and help people to overcome life’s challenges by focusing on their strengths. She is described by clients as warm, empathetic and positive.

Angie lived in Hong Kong, Paris and London working for global and local companies, and says this has been invaluable in providing insight into multi-faceted business and diverse environments. Angie states this experience this has taught her the power of thinking differently and how much we have to learn from one another.

My expertise:

Angie is an ILM approved Executive Coach and has an Advanced Diploma in Coaching approved by British Psychological Society (BPS), an Advanced Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy & Training approved by British Psychological Society, and a Certificate in Stress Management & Performance Coaching approved by British Psychological Society.

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