A positive assessment is a short cognitive assessment which explores your innate talents and strengths. We specifically assess for the skills you are likely to be good at, and help rationalise these in a workplace and career context.

The aim of the positive assessment is to reassure and encourage development of strengths.

Our positive assessments use many of the same tests as a diagnosis for dyslexia, dyspraxia (DCD), ADHD and Autism and so while they are not enough on their own, they can encourage further testing.

Many public sector professionals, such as teachers, Educational / Clinical / Forensic / Occupational Psychologists, Medics, Occupational Therapists, will be able to read and understand the implications of the results and how they might suggest further investigation.

However, and most importantly, diagnosis isn’t the be all and end all.  What’s import to us at Genius Within is each individual understanding what they do well, and how to build a life they are happy with around their strengths.

In many ways it isn’t different at all. All our assessments – Cognitive, Higher Education, and Workplace Needs – are positive.

At Genius Within we firmly believe in balancing the ‘glass half empty’ approach to neurodiversity, with a glass half full of strengths and talents. ALL neurodiverse people have areas of strength and skills that are not affected by their condition.

We want assessments to be a formative process, leading to inspiration and confidence.

However, our other assessments also explore weaknesses, in a broad range of skills that show a more comprehensive picture. As a result, Higher Education and Cognitive assessments can be used to diagnose a neurodiverse condition, but positive assessments cannot.

A Psychologist (workplace or school) or trained teacher (school only) will deliver a series of ability assessments, looking at verbal, visual and spatial skills. We’ll assess different types of memory to find out where are your strengths.

After the testing, we’ll talk about how the results fit into your education and career outcomes, which will hopefully inspire you and give you the confidence you need to achieve your goals.

Our staff provide instant feedback to our clients during the session by giving a brief overview of what we are noticing so far, and what can be done. We then deliver a summary report to our clients within 10 working days of the assessment.

The report will have some recommendations that you can put into place immediately. There will also be some follow up resources to explore.

The report will also have details of strengths and memory profile, IQ scores and what steps can be taken next, including vocational and career options that suit.  We always give the option of a follow up phone call or meeting because the most important thing to us is that you understand your report.

When we are working with children, parents and carers are involved from the start and included in the debriefing.  We will only share the report with you and summary data can be provided to a school staff member by prior arrangement.

Any age! The purpose of the positive assessment, which is to reassure and provide direction, is the same whether we are delivering to children or adults.

In a child based context, we aim to ensure that children use the experience to engage at school and feel hopeful that, with effort, there are viable career options for them afterwards.  We want to connect them with their inner genius or inner competence and also let the support systems around them know how to encourage them through their education to a bright, viable future as adults.

For adults, positive assessments often come too late.  They have been through education, which is heavily weighted towards verbal and processing speed skills, thinking that they lack talent.  We want to redirect their attention to what they CAN do, and remind them that no matter what their experience has been so far, they have value as a member of a community and there are roles that play to their strengths.

Positive assessments are offered at £475 plus VAT.

For schools and organisations working in social inclusion, scalable delivery models are available, please get in touch.

Contact our Head Office for further details and timescales.

info@geniuswithin.co.uk or 01273 890 502

You can also download our FAQs here.

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