At Genius Within we emphasise independence – building self-awareness through all our programmes so that our graduates can develop their own strategies ongoing and don’t need to return to us when they start something new.

  • Our work is popular with clients – our case managers achieve ambitious contracted referral targets and we achieve a 70-95% retention rate with hardest to help groups in custody and the community. We go out, we engage people and they commit.
  • We have doubled our employment outcome targets for people we are working with in prisons.
  • Group participants increase working memory ability and decrease anxiety and depression, as measured by standardised psychometric testing.
  • 90% of our in-work support clients are still with the same employer after 12 months, including 25% who have been promoted within this timescale!
  • Line managers observe a 30% work performance improvement in just 4 sessions.
  • Clients report a 57% improvement – the difference comes from a lower baseline which is then eradicated, showing an increase in self-awareness and confidence through developing practical skills.

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