Results-driven, proven methods for improving inclusion for neurodiverse individuals

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Genius Within is a leading provider of social inclusion, and training programmes for neurodifferent people, supporting them to unlock their potential. Over the past decade, we have worked in unemployment support, the criminal justice system, higher education and towards inclusion for neurominorities at every opportunity. Our training is delivered by the country’s leading, most experienced and most highly qualified professionals.

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We offer online, one-to-one and group coaching as well as assessments, training and consultancy. We help people to work at their best and overcome obstacles. Why not try our strategy profiler or contact us to find out what we can do for you?

We step up services as you need them, rather than start with the most expensive service, which is usually assessment.  By making the entry point free, we can improve access.  Our clients find that 25% of  their issues can be resolved at an early stage. Our coaches believe in the power of positive assessment and will help you find practical strategies to overcome any obstacles you may be facing.

Our consultants and associates are qualified in business psychology / human resources and/or professional workplace coaching.  We are professionally trained and experienced in organisational consulting, mediating and performance enhancement. We also have a high representation of lived experience within the team which speaks to our empathy and authenticity more than the skills and quality of advice we give, which must be flexible and personal rather than generic. 

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What we bring to the organisations we work with

  • A systemic approach to inclusion
  • Greatly improved long term outcomes for neurodiverse service users
  • Increased confidence, peformance and productivity
  • Reduced anxiety and depression for neurodiverse service users
  • Improved independence and self awareness for neurodiverse service users
  • Reduced cost of administering neurodiversity inclusion

25% of our workplace clients are promoted within one year

over 50% improvement in difficulties as rated by clients and their supervisors

95% of our workplace clients retain employment

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