Dyslexia and neurodiversities are over-represented in the offender population (52%[1]) compared to the working population (8%-10%[2])

Genius Within CIC are committed to supporting neurodiverse adults wherever they may be in their life journey and facilitating our clients to achieve their potential.  In July 2015 we  began working in partnership with Shaw Trust and Ixion Holdings, as part of the delivery of HM Prison and Probation Service part funded by the  Co-Financing Organisation and European Social Fund. The project is known as CFO3.

With support and collaboration from our partners within the Shaw Trust and Ixion delivery framework, we will provide mentoring, workshops and targeted support for individuals who are neurodiverse in both custodial and community rehabilitation settings.  These contracts are based on our successful Memory Genius program and include access to positive assessment, our approach to highlighting the strengths of neurodiversity.

Fiona Barrett

Our Head of Social Inclusion, Fiona Barrett, is an experienced Senior Probation officer and leads the HMPPS CFO3 team, as well as leading the delivery and development of further projects in Criminal Justice and Social Inclusion.

Please email Community@Geniuswithin.co.uk, and either Fiona Barrett, our Head of Social Inclusion, or Marian Symons, our SI Administrator will be happy to answer any questions, or share further information with you.







[1] Based on a study at Chelmsford Prison http://www.prisonerseducation.org.uk

[2] Reports vary – 8% reported by the Rose Report (1999) and 10% reported by the British Dyslexia Association

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