67% of our clients report difficulties with stress and anxiety.  In Occupational Health, these are common topics for referral, but if the underlying cause is a neuro-difference, counselling will not solve the problem.  Since around 10% of the population have dyslexia or a neurodiversity such as Autistic Spectrum Condition and ADHD, we can assume that many of your referrals will too.

Because these difficulties are caused by cognitive processing difficulties such as poor working memory and processing speed, literacy issues are only a symptom.  Many of  our clients were unaware that their condition affected other areas of thinking.  For example, they thought that their dyslexia had been a problem at school, but was now solved.  Their work performance difficulties are, however, a direct result of working memory problems and slow processing speed.  Because of this, they didn’t ask for the right support.

Occupational health is a great opportunity for intervention and resetting on the right path.  We provide ILM accredited development courses in neurodiversity inclusion awareness for Occupational Health practitioners and are regular presenter at CPD events and conferences.  Find out more here.

We can also provide diagnostics, assessments and a ‘1-stop shop’ for adjustments, through our coaching programmes and our links with technology suppliers.  See our full list of service here.

You can use our services after an Access to Work assessment, no matter who was recommended.

We also provide sole supplier rates for corporate customers.

See our FAQs for more information on the services we offer, or have any questions at all, just call us! Our office team are very friendly, know the process and give GREAT advice.  You can also contact Cheryl Winter, our Director of In Work Support who will be happy to hear from you.


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